About us

Our company

Homely Hammock, a company based in Singapore, was set up primarily to produce and publish quality Islamic children’s literature in the English language that promote good character and values.

We strongly believe in the power of stories and how stories can leave long lasting impressions on our memories. Reading is a powerful tool and is an activity encouraged by Our Creator. IQRA. Only He truly knows the benefits of reading. As strong advocators of reading, we would like to raise a generation of enthusiastic readers and critical thinkers, who will inshaAllah gain beneficial knowledge through books.

Our first series, the Asma'ul Husna Series, is inspired by stories from the past, passed down from generation to generation. Children will be able to easily relate to these stories as we infuse the stories with their common daily experiences.

Our Arabic Alphabet Series consists of 7 books to introduce the Arabic alphabet characters to children from Alif to Ya. The series aims to make learning the Arabic alphabet seamless. Presented in the form of a story, children will be exposed to the Arabic alphabets through captivating images that will help them remember the alphabets in relation to the story. It is hoped that through daily reading, children will easily remember the Arabic alphabets without the need for forced memorisation.

Homely Hammock hopes to build blocks of faith one book at a time.