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Purchase our newest books in a set: 2 from the Blessed Words Series and one from the Asma'ul Husna Series.

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This bundle includes:

1) Basma Bear Loves Bismillah (Blessed Words Series)

Basma Bear loves to say Bismillah. She says it before doing anything, big or small. Her friend Salma Snake had had enough. She thinks Basma Bear is overdoing it, and she has a plan to make Basma Bear stop.

Will she succeed?

Discover the power of Bismillah...

2) Alhamdulillah Saves the Day (Blessed Words Series)

Hannah Horse was excited about her day.
But nothing was going her way.
Should she just give up, sulk and cry?
Or say something that would make her spirit fly? So...

What should we say
Even on a bad day?
There are blessings everywhere
Even if you are not aware.

Discover the power of Alhamdulillah...

3) Hatem the Deaf (Asma'ul Husna Series: Ar-Rauf)

Ilham wished he could turn back time. He found himself standing in front of the class with no escape from the embarrassing situation he was in. He didn't like to be laughed at, ridiculed and be the target of jokes. Fortunately, a story of a man who lived a long time ago saved the day.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone took lessons from Hatem the Deaf?

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