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The Arabic Alphabet Activity Pack

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A guide on how to use our Arabic Alphabet Activity Pack
The book comes with an Educational Resource Package. Reading should be a multi-sensory experience and will be made all the more memorable when it is accompanied with activities pre and post reading. We have already blogged about pre-reading activities that can be used when reading our story.The Educational Resource Package includes activities that can be done post-reading. The resource package has four main section: Hands at work, Move it!, L
We love it when kids get excited about books. It’s never too early to start. Still in the womb- read to them! An infant, no problem, just read. A rambunctious toddler who can’t sit still and just wants to eat up the book? Keep on reading! You don’t even have to read the book word for word. Just allow them to build a positive relationship with books.
The Complete Ramadan Activity Pack

Ramadan Activity Pack: Part 2 of 3

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Alhamdulilah the 2nd of 3 installments of the Ramadan activity pack is ready for download. Another 10 fun activities have been included to engage your child this Ramadan. This pack consists of activities that involve early mathematical skills, cutting and pasting to enhance their fine-motor skills and creative activities to engage their imagination.Parents can guide their children through the activities and engage them in further discussion.
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